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Brazing a Bicycle Frame

I love bicycles and I took a course to learn how to braze a steel frame together. Most of custom bicycle making is the filing of the mitres to allow tubes to fit snugly together. I learnt another CAD tool - BikeCAD which allowed me to design a frame bespoke to my needs and print out templates for the mitres.

Skills Used

BikeCAD software

Workshop tools


Bicycle frame custom sizing

Preparing the tubes

I printed templates to help notch the tubes so they would fit my bespoke frame perfectly.

Screenshot 2019-03-18 at 20.33.03.png
Jigging Up

After filing all the tubes, the frame can be positioned using a jig.

Bicycle Frame in Jig.jpg

I tack brazed the frame before fully joining all pieces

Bottom bracket with tubes.jpg
Silver Solder

Silver soldering the final parts on.

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